Kutik’s Everything Bees

Monday - Saturday 9AM to 4PM


We house Equipment and Gear from all the Major Beekeeping Retailers

We all have our favorite gear from various beekeeping retailers. At Kutik’s Everything Bees, we’ve compiled the best from each major retailers. Woodenware, Smokers, Suits, Queen Rearing Tools, Everything you need to keep your girls buzzing.


Our Candles are made by local candle makers, Using 100% Kutik’s Beeswax

Not only do we have a wide selection of beeswax candles, we have everything you need to begin or continue making candles: molds, wicks, melters, and of course 100% pure Kutik’s beeswax.


We form relationships with small local artists

The jewelry we house is one of kind. Formed by artists who are dedicated to their craft, their jewelry is both unique and locally sourced.


Gifts for you, Yours and those you love

We have a variety of gifts for everyone in your world, young and old.


Reflect your passions

We’ve collected fun, bee-related objects from around the globe, so you can accent your life with your passion: honey bees.